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John : Weekday Mornings 6a-12n

Weekday Mornings 6a-12n

Why you love KFMU: Exposing people to great new music.
Favorite KFMU Artist: Mumford & Sons
What brought you to Steamboat: Grew up here.


Cristin : Weekday Afternoons 12n-6pm

Weekday Afternoons 12n-6pm


Sage : Weekends 12p-6p

Weekends 12p-6p

Why do you love KFMU: I love KFMU because it's a radio station built without borders and has great weekend programming.
Favorite KFMU Artist: Anything on the Putumayo label
What brought you to Steamboat: I came to Steamboat for the outdoors and vibrant music scene.

The Bluesmobile

The Bluesmobile : Saturdays 6pm-8pm

Saturdays 6pm-8pm

Every Saturday at 6:00pm, Elwood Blues (aka Dan Aykroyd) takes over the studio to bring you the BluesMobile. There’s a different focus every week (artist spotlights, theme shows, new releases special guests and more) but you can always expect an hour of great blues!

Find out more about the Elwood’s BluesMobile Radio Hour at their website HERE.

And don’t miss our daily shot of the blues! Weekdays at 3:15p, Elwood has a story or an interview clip to accompany a great blues tune on Elwood’s Blues Breaks!

Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Little Steven’s Underground Garage : Saturdays 8pm-10pm

Saturdays 8pm-10pm

What do Buddy Holly, The Strokes, The Shangri-Las, The Beatles, and The Ramones have in common? Little Steven’s Underground Garage!

In April of 1954 “Rock Around The Clock” was recorded by Bill Haley and the Comets, and three months later, Elvis Presley recorded “That’s All Right Mama”. From these small steps, and the help of other pioneers such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Bo Diddley, one of the most important and influential cultural forces over the past half-century was created, Rock and Roll.

Fast forward to 2011 and Little Steven’s Underground Garage, the nationally syndicated Rock radio show hosted and produced by one of America’s foremost musicians and actors, Little Steven Van Zandt. Each week Little Steven takes audiences on a two hour trip down the path of what was cool in all six decades of Rock and Roll, a celebration of Pop culture, and features the best emerging new bands worldwide.

The Underground Garage has received rave reviews from leading music magazines and television shows. Rolling Stone Magazine called the radio show “mind-blowingly great,” adding that, “Quite simply, Underground Garage is the most exciting thing to happen on rock and roll radio in years.” And MTV named Little Steven "the coolest DJ in the country, a proud throwback to the late-night hipster jocks of long-gone 1960's and '70s FM Radio."

Over 490 episodes have aired and included such special guests as Jack Black, Brian Wilson, Ray Davies, Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr, Keith Richards as well as being endorsed by David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Jack White, Russell Crowe, Lou Reed, Sean Penn, Michael Strahan, Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne, Yogi Berra, Robert Plant, and many others.

Little Steven’s Underground Garage debuted April 7, 2002 on 23 stations. It now has over 1.2 million listeners in the US alone and is broadcast on 148 stations in over 200 markets. Including internationally in Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, as well as the American Forces Network and more making it the most successful Rock music radio program in the past 30 years.

Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Cafe : Sundays 10am-12n

Sundays 10am-12n

Acoustic Café is a two hour weekly radio show, and an independent media production of RDR Radio, LLC. The program is produced and hosted by Rob Reinhart, who started the show in 1995. Find out a bit more history here.

Each week, listeners around the globe tune in to Acoustic Café to hear the latest from today’s great songwriting talents. It’s hard to put a definitive label on Acoustic Café’s music selections. After all, a good song is a good song… any individual set of music could contain a bit of country, rock, blues, folk, pop… and more!

In addition to classic songwriters like Dylan, Mitchell, Young, Cash, Browne, Prine etc., Acoustic Café wants to bring as many newer talents to the table as possible. That’s the best description we can conjure… now, use the player to hear this week’s program. Enjoy

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