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WATCH: Dad catches foul ball with baby strapped to him

Good reflexes! That baby is in good hands, although Mom was still a little shaken up.

Country Music News 5 /11/15

Kieth Urban and Eric Church are raising em up to their latest #1 as the Grammy nominated ‘Raise em up’ reaches the top spot.  Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” follows at number-two, while Billy Currington’s “Don’t It” jumps to number-three. A Thousand Horses and Florida Georgia Line round out the Top 5 …Read More

MEET TAYLOR’S BIGGEST FAN   Stand out moments include this excellent use of props. This scarily accurate impression of Taylor in the “Shake It Off’ video. And the level of passion involved here. Also, a shout out has to go to Elizabeth’s little sister in the back.


Bro-country: It’s a term that surfaced in 2013 and has been loved and embraced (and hated and dismissed) by many in the country music industry. Florida Georgia Line are one duo that is often labeled as bro-country, and in this exclusive interview clip, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard give their take on the term and …Read More


Karen Garrison wanted mulch for Mother’s Day. She got Garth Brooks. The singer returned to Good Morning America on Friday to ring in Mother’s Day, and to surprise special fans. Garrison was nominated by her daughter, Brook. She also has a son named Garth, and that’s not a coincidence. The Darlington, Wisc. hair salon owner …Read More

Country Music News 5/8/15

ZBB have the top album in its first week out with Jekyll & Hyde.  Happy anniversary to Jake & Lacy Owen.  Luke Bryan has an exhibit in Nashville opening this month.  Your country minute with Jeffrey Cash is brought to you by Summit Neurology

16 Juicy Questions That May Never Be Answered

The juicy truth is potentially out there… 1. If Sally sells seashells down by the seashore…is she making any money? 2. If cooked beef patties are hamburgers, are cooked ham patties…beefburgers? shutterstock 3. Where are all the pigeon babies? Ingram Publishing / Thinkstock 4. If lots of foods taste like chicken, why aren’t eggs …Read More

Caught On Tape Attempting To Poison Roommates’ Food

Hidden camera catches college student, 22, spitting into her roommates’ food before trying to poison them by dumping in cleaning product. Hayley King, a 22-year-old University of South Carolina student was arrested after allegedly trying to poison her roommates.

New Trend On Tinder Has Desperate Guys Sending Girls Free Pizza

  So there’s a new game on Tinder. Apparently girls are hitting up desperate guys on the dating app and asking them to send over free pizzas. Y’know, to see if they can. They’re calling it the “Tinder Games” and it’s totally working, for obvious reasons. It looks like dudes are looking for any excuse …Read More

Stuff Your Bananas

Ever felt like your banana was just too… healthy? Yeah, we thought so. So now that you’ve been having bananas stuffed with banana all your life, we’d like to open your eyes and turn your attention to the DestapaBanana. It appears to be a tool for boring a hole in a banana. You’re then free …Read More

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