BT : Weekday Mornings 6a-10a

Weekday Mornings 6a-10a

It all started with a small square transistor radio under my pillow, The rest is history. . .

Favorite Food: Clean, Whole Foods, NO CRAP.
Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate, the Darker the better.
When I'm NOT "On The Air" I’m: Mountain Biking.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Flipped my truck driving to the radio station on the I70, got picked up from a listener, did my show, then got a vasectomy, which wasn’t successful!
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous
Favorite Actor: Christopher Walken
Favorite Color: Colorado Blue Sky.
Pet Peeve: People that don't like pets.
Favorite Country Guys: Keith, Blake, Tim, Chris, Jason, Kenny. You name it.
Favorite Country Girls: Carrie, Kacey, Faith, Kelsea, Faith, Miranda . . .
How did you get into radio: Dreamed, worked hard, kissed ass!
Who are your HEROES? My little buddy Superman! The Outlaw, My Golden Doodle Wilson, And my wife Lala

Any More Greatness? My wife and I publish the Mountain Bike Eagle Trail Guide. MountainBikeEagle.com "Get the Guide, Get the Goods"

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: #btontheair/

The Outlaw Pat Garrett

The Outlaw Pat Garrett : Weekdays 10a-2p

Weekdays 10a-2p

Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Candy: Chocolate
When I'm NOT "On The Air" I...: I love to boat!
Most Embarrassing Moment: Are you kidding me? I never get embarrassed. But if you take the "em" off of that...
Favorite Movie: The Green Mile
Favorite Actor: None. They're all fake.
Favorite Color: GREEN
Pet Peeve: People who sit in my chair.
Favorite Country Artist: Garth
If I weren't a DJ: I would be a commercial fisherman
How did you get into radio: I didn't... it got into me!


Superman : Weekday Afternoons 2p-7p

Weekday Afternoons 2p-7p

Spinning your favorite country music, and keeping you up to date on all that's hot, happening, and going on in our neighborhood.  Known internationally as the man of steel, and locally as the man of leisure, Superman is a world champion flip cup enthusiast, frequent contestant on Martha Stewart's Home makeover challenge, and Ornithology hobbyist.  Superman can be found power walking his rescue dog "Tucker" up steep mountainsides, or flat paved areas.  Originally from Denver, Superman is a Colorado native who frequently claims "Its all downhill on the wild side of the Eisenhower tunnel."

Favorite song:  Girl on the Billboard, by Dell Reeves
Favorite TV Show: Honey Boo Boo
Favorite food:"I prefer frozen French fries and Chicken Nuggets cooked to order by my personal chef in my KitchenAid toaster oven."
Favorite Ski Run:  little Brave (Arrowhead)
Favorite hiking trail: Hanging Lake
Favorite artist: Miranda, Dolly, Gretchen, Lady Gaga
Favorite Team: Broncos, and the 10th Mountain Roller Dolls



CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan

CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan : Weekday Evenings 7p-12a

Weekday Evenings 7p-12a

CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan brings fans unprecedented access to all things current in country music and entertainment in an environment that's genuine, unpredictable and fun. Cody Alan's passion for country music keeps CMT Radio Live exciting, fresh, and personal, attracting the biggest stars in country music and entertainment. Every night, Cody Alan connects with listeners online and on the phone bringing live updates on the latest country music news and playing the hottest country songs.

The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates

The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates : Saturday 7p-Mid

Saturday 7p-Mid

Decades of Country memories…the artists…the songs that stood the test of time! Kick back…and go back in time!