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By Anthony Dezenzio,

Experience an exciting rafting adventure on five of Colorado’s best known rivers – the Arkansas River, Colorado River, Dolores River, Gunnison River and the North Platte River. It’s an adventure that thrill seekers will enjoy. The great Colorado outdoors offers something for everyone – from horseback riding to mountain biking.

Day trips are suitable for a wide range of activities for families with young children to the most hardened adventurers! Rafting and mountain biking trips include a complimentary continental breakfast, while day trips include lunch. If you decide on a camping trip, you will be provided with fresh prepared food. The tours offer meals and lodging to some of the area’s best bed and breakfast inns.

There is a minimum age requirement for all of the trips, depending on which one you choose. There may also be restrictions on group size depending on the trip. It’s best to check with the tour guide and website before you decide on a trip.

1/2 Day trips start around $50 with full day trips beginning at $75. Overnight camping trips with a stay at a bed and breakfast inn that includes a warm restaurant meal starts at $275/day.


Beginner Women1. Sharon Seabury 25:492. Shauna Nelson 27:403. Gaja Wilson 28:094. Bayli McSpadden 28:435. Jennifer Weintraub 29:07 6. Zoe Livran 29:347. Natia Luck 30:328. Nancy Mires 31:359. Kristina Sappenfield 37:10 10. Becca Hendrick 55:51Beginner Men1. Cain Gipson 20:482. David Sanders-Kulesza 22:16 3. Andrew Rogers 22:294. Marcus Gore 23:235. Bryan Reveles 24:346. Nash Lucas 33:417. Michael Wheeler 36:278. Mitch Whiteford 37:18Sport 18 & Under Women1. Sydney Sappenfield 26:16Sport 18 & under Men1. Ben Kooiman 21:312. more
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