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By Monica Lammers, 

Nozawa’s Sushi and Asian Kitchen is a wonderful place to eat if you are looking for Bento Box lunches and quality sushi for non-Vail prices.  You don’t necessarily go to the restaurant for ambiance, but the kitchen food is hot and the sushi is always fresh.

The Bento Box lunch options range from Teriyaki or Kung Pao Chicken, to Thai Curry.  They also include tempura vegetables, a small California Roll, rice, salad, and soup.

The sushi is absolutely delicious.  Highly recommended is the yellowtail/Hamachi nigiri sushi which just melts in your mouth.  If you would like to venture into the specialty rolls but want something cooked, try the Shredder Roll…the only way to describe it is to say that “it’s a party in your mouth”.  Amongst the party-goers are eel, cream cheese, krab, avocado and rice…all rolled together in seaweed, coated in very light tempura batter and fried.  They also have the usuals, like the Rainbow and Dragon Rolls.

Nozawa’s restaurant in Dillon, CO also serves Teppanyaki as a dining option.  This is the open grill when a chef comes out to cook the food…meats, veggies, and rice.  This is often times accompanied by some tricks that the chefs have up their sleeves for entertainment purposes.

During the off-season when there is no snow to ski on, Nozawa’s offers 50% off their sushi rolls.  This makes a great deal even greater.  Click Here for their menus.

Nozawa’s Sushi and Asian Kitchen ~ In the Holiday Inn ~ 2211 North Frontage Road West ~ Vail, CO 81657 ~ (970) 476-9355

Nozawa’s Sushi ~ Chapel Place ~ Avon, CO 81620 ~(970) 949-0330

Nozawa’s Sushi and Teppanyaki ~ 282-B US Hwy 6 ~ Dillon, CO 80435 ~ (970) 262-6600


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