Common Folk in the Boat – Ep: 7

In this episode, we sit down with @TownHallOutdoorCo CEO Robin Hall. Town Hall produces high quality, sustainable winter apparel designed to help your kids find joy outside, and stay comfortable for longer. Robin talks about how this company was born from a “turning lemons into lemonade” type of situation. When SmartWool decided to move their offices out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, two soon-to-be-former employees met with another Steamboat Springs resident to figure out their next steps. Robin talks about how, out of that meeting, the idea to create better quality and more sustainably sourced winter clothing for kids was conceived. She also reflects on how a company that started in March 2020 (the beginning of the Covid shutdowns) was able to not just persevere, but to grow in four short years into a brand that is now recognized one of the top children’s winter apparel makers by @TIME.

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