Steamboat Sound Check | G. Love

Before his SOLD OUT 30th Anniversary Tour show at @stringssteamboat, Eli get the chance to sit down with @phillyglove to talk about the last 30 years, and where the next 30 will take him. From how G. Love developed his unique sound to the challenges that came with playing an undefined genre of music, G. Love talks about what it was like for him to find a place in the music industry in the early 1990’s. He also reminisces on how an east coast kid from Philly ended up finding a natural fit with the music coming out of the west coast surf scene. And, we hear how something G. Love never used to care that much about is now a focal goal of his as he moves into the next chapters of his career. G. Love & Special Sauce are creators of their own genre, “The Hip-Hop Blues”. They are known for their unique, laid back, and rootsy sound that encompasses Delta blues, hip hop, rock & roll, soul, and funk.