All Time Low Are Teasing Something, And Have Launched A Hotline

I know when that hotline bling, All Time Low are doing the thing.

All Time Low are right back at it again with the teasing, and this time they’ve launched a hotline and everything.

In a cryptic social media post, All Time Low posted “Wake up sunshine, somebody loves you” alongside a number to call for a hotline… Cryptic. 

When you call the hotline, you’re confronted with an automated voice by the name of Sharon, who is interrupted by All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth. We’ve called the hotline (a handful of times, just so that you know) – this is what goes down:

Sharon: “Hello again – and thank you for calling the Sunshine Hotline.”
Alex: “Hey Sharon?”
Sharon: “Yes Alex?”
Alex: “Are you okay if I take over the sunshine-ers account?”
Sharon: “Oh sure, why not.”
Alex: “Perfect, great, thanks. Hello Sunshines – this is Alex from the Sunshine Hotline, and I for one am glad to have you on board. What is it exactly that you’re after? Sometimes sleeping in is the only way to know, but don’t sleep in too late.”

What does it all mean? Are we the Sunshines? Are we Sunshine-ers? 

Stay tuned to find out.

via:: Rock Sound News