Neck Deep Need Your Help To Make Their New Music Video

Lowlives, time to get creative. 

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, Neck Deep have been unable to film the music video for their next single ‘When You Know’. 

Though that’s not going to stop them from making it, and they need your help. 

All you have to do is film a 10-15 second video of yourself holding up a lyric of your choice from the song.

They’re asking you to be as creative as possible with it as well, so make your lyrics look as fancy and extra and possible.

Here’s a full explanation from vocalist Ben Barlow:

SO, here are the lyrics:

“Sunshine, we don’t belong here
We got no flowers to grow
But it feels so good with you on me, baby
Yeah, it feels so good when you know
When you know

Make peace with your demons and hope that they leave you alone
Make peace with your feelings
Admit there’s a reason you’re not letting go

We could fall right into nothing,
Open arms like we’re infinite
You’ve got nothing left to lose
When you’ve been crying all night

Break free
Oh no, not literally
Cuz you’ve got work at eight
And I’ve got friends who hate me

No, break free from all that makes you weak
And in that moment stay for forever and a day
Or three months in, I’m thinking about more than just the next week
Baby, you feeling me?

And when you know
You wanna bottle the feeling
Never let go
God, I hate when you’re leaving
It just feels so good when you want me baby
I’ll go where you go
Wherever you go”

And here is where you should submit your video. You have until April 03. 

Neck Deep’s new album ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ is set for release on July 24 via Hopeless Records. 

Here’s the video for first single ‘Lowlife’:

via:: Rock Sound News