Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser Has Opened Up About The Band’s Upcoming Second Album

It’s getting closer!

Stand Atlantic have been very quiet about when we should expect their sophomore full-length to see the light of day. 

Though in a video chat we had with vocalist Bonnie Fraser, she spoke about the process of putting it together. 

“There were three weeks then I was in Oz and had time specifically for writing. I do try and write all the time. We have a little guitar that we take on the road and stuff, but the chunk of it is done in the studio with me and our producer. So it was me and him for three weeks. We were at his house for a bit, we were at the studio for a bit, we went to some rocks on a cliff and wrote a song. It was intensive writing.

“We had them all done pretty much and then we had four/five weeks to record. I can’t even remember when we recorded it now, but we recorded it in about four weeks and that was it.”

So now it’s just a case of when we will be able to hear it!

You can catch up with the whole interview right here:

The band recently released a new single ‘Drink To Drown’, featuring a video made up of clips of fans showing off how they are self-isolating around the world. 

Have a listen below:


via:: Rock Sound News