Superman, afternoons from 12-6pm.  Spinning your favorite country tunes, and keeping you up to date on all that’s hot, happening, and going on in our neighborhood.  Known internationally as the man of steel, and locally as the man of leisure. Superman is a world champion flip cup enthusiast, frequent contestant on Martha Stewart’s Home makeover challenge, and Ornithology hobbyist.  Superman can be found power walking his rescue dog “Tucker” up steep mountainsides, or flat paved areas.  Originally from Denver, Superman is a Colorado native who frequently claims “Its all downhill on the wild side of the Eisenhower tunnel.”

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Favorite song:  Girl on the Billboard, by Dell Reeves
Favorite TV Show: Honey Boo Boo
Favorite food:“I prefer frozen French fries and Chicken Nuggets cooked to order by my personal chef in my kitchenaid toaster oven.”
Favorite Ski Run:  little Brave (Arrowhead)
Favorite hiking trail: Hanging Lake
Favorite artist: Miranda, Dolly, Gretchen, Lady Gaga
Favorite Team: Broncos, and the 10th Mountain Roller Dolls