Letter: Closure of public access to Filoha Nature Preserve was brazen

In early September a group of homeowners under the name of the Rock Creek Association installed a private gate and closed public access to public property in Redstone.

 The Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association thanks and commends the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners and the county attorney for their swift response to the unlawful closure of the Filoha Nature Preserve Public Access.

Through extensive public process, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails has designated The Wildrose Easement (Dorais Way) as the only public access route to Filoha Meadows. The annual three month public access period is already extremely restrictive.

Earlier attempts to disallow all public access were predicated on wildlife sensitivity. These efforts emanated from the residents who bought or built their homes in the midst of the area they declared as sensitive.

CVEPA condemns the illegal closure of public access by the Rock Creek Association. The closure is clearly an effort at exclusivity by the Rock Creek Association. The installation of a locked gate and the closure of the more than 100-year-old public right of way was brazen. The association’s theft of numerous county signs shows a total disregard for the law.

CVEPA supports the commissioners in their commitment to maintain public access in Pitkin County.

John B. Armstrong

president, Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association

via:: Post Independent