Letter: In with the barn, out with ethics

Avon Town Council is back at it again, doing what these council members do best. They are doing what they want, not what the taxpayers have told them to do. At the last meeting, they were not going to spend taxpayer dollars on moving a 100-year-old barn that has no historical value.  But now they are. Instead of building a new state of the art, first-class event center next to the performance pavilion and making Avon shine, they have chosen to move the Hahnewald barn and try to make it work as an event center. All this to satisfy the wants of a council member.

Two council members have a conflict of interest in this matter. Tamra Nottingham Underwood clearly has a conflict of interest since her family owned the Hahnewald Barn at one time. Amy Phillips stated at the council meeting on January 22, 2019, that she has a conflict of interest since she is a wedding planner and stands to profit from a new event center in Avon. Yet both were allowed to vote. Interestingly, the majority of council members voted that they did not have a conflict of interest. The town attorney who oversees these matters and is there to protect the town’s interest did not object to this conflict of interest.

If you attended or watched the council meeting on February 12, 2019, you probably noticed the unprofessionalism. It was like watching a high school student council meeting. The council members were quarreling with each other and disrupting the meeting in a very unprofessional matter. Avon taxpayers deserve better.

Angelo Loria


via:: Vail Daily