Letter: Top things to do with $6 million in Avon

Reading about the debate over the proposed barn move, I wondered what the town of Avon could do with $6 million. Here are the 13 best options:

  1. Buy a private Caribbean island for $1 million and let residents of Avon vacation there
  2. Buy an airplane to fly to the island
  3. Buy a super yacht and allow the residents of Avon to take vacations on it
  4. Redo the swimming pool at the Avon Recreation Center
  5. Upgrade the bus service to permanently include a route in Wildridge
  6. Pay our teachers more
  7. Give Avon town workers raises
  8. Offer free lunches to all kids
  9. Help supplement child care for families
  10. Build more deed-restricted housing and offer an InDeed program like Vail
  11. Pay off debt
  12. Build bathrooms on the west side of Nottingham park
  13. Make a sledding hill and area somewhere in town

Or we could move and rebuild a barn that hasn’t been used in the 22 years I’ve lived here and that most people in Avon never heard of until last year. I’m not sure what the best option is for $6 million, but we should at least put all of these on the board and let the community of Avon decide.

Joe Shankland


via:: Vail Daily