Kenny Chesney Feels the Rush of Adrenaline in “Here and Now” Video

When it comes to living in the moment, few artists do it as well as Kenny Chesney, who just released a brand new video for “Here and Now,” the title track of his upcoming album.

“Even, or maybe especially, in times like these, we need to remember how blessed we are to be alive, and to make every second count,” he said in a release. “Wherever, however you are, look around, dig in, get engaged! Love the people you’re with, find something to smile about; be mindful, but be happy — and obviously take care of yourself and others.”

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To convey the exhilaration of stepping on stage to thousands of screaming fans, Chesney and director Shaun Silva incorporated extreme sports footage on the backdrop, using the scrim that Chesney carries on his stadium tours.

“There’s a rush of adrenaline when you’re doing one of these sports that’s beyond measure,” he added. “It’s the way it feels for us, waiting for the Kabuki to drop. I wanted to give people a sense of how that feels, that crazy wild sense of being totally alive, because I think that’s what we’re all seeking. I think it’s why No Shoes Nation is so loud, so proud, so in the moment every time they take over a parking lot or throw all that energy back to us.”

Songwriters: Craig Wiseman, David Lee Murphy & David Garcia; Director: Shaun Silva via:: CMT News