When Sheryl Crow Is Playing Favorites, She Plays This

Sheryl Crow is tying many threads together in a new interview with Southwest Magazine. Along with explaining why she’s giving up on recording albums, she also shares her favorite song to play live — and it’s none other than “My Favorite Mistake.”

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“I don’t even know if it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written, but I love performing it,” she says. “I wrote the song with one of my dearest friends, Jeff Trott, who I wrote a lot of songs with, and it came together very easily. It came straight from the heart. When I perform it, I still feel the way I felt the first time I sang it.”

Crow will be performing this week in Los Angeles, but she’ll be back home in Nashville for two shows at the Ryman on Sept. 23 and 24.

There is a country music connection on Threads, a collaborative album with her friends and heroes. Asked by the publication about a song that is particularly meaningful on the album, Crow pointed out “Redemption Day,” featuring Johnny Cash.

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“I think ’Redemption Day’ probably holds the most meaning for me. It’s a song I wrote 20 years ago, and I put it out at a time when I felt like it was important to that time and moment,” she explained.

“Now, with where we are in this state of politics — and even in just the sociopolitical climate of America — I feel like the song has even more meaning,” she adds. “Johnny Cash also recorded it the week before he passed, and to have Johnny’s voice on it brings an even deeper and more profound impact.”

via:: CMT News