Essential Tips For New Musicians On The Road

Essential Tips For New Musicians On The Road

By: Cassandra Plant

With festival season quickly approaching, you and your band may be about to go on your first tour, which can be an exciting time for musicians, providing you have everything you need. Whether you’re playing at local events or going on a six-month tour in your van, ensure you have the essentials to keep you safe and keep your music sounding its best as this will help to build your fanbase and get your music known.

The best equipment you can afford

As a new musician on the road, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford that guitar you’ve always dreamed of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best within your budget. Even with a fairly basic electric guitar, you can improve its sound just by using strings that suit your instrument. Always make sure you have plenty of spares in case a string snaps. This goes for any stringed instrument as finding your favorite brand on the road may be difficult and cost you a lot more. Ultimately, the right instruments and equipment will help to improve your sound and increase your chance of getting noticed and getting on the air.

Prioritize road safety

Get your van checked over by a mechanic before hitting the road and regularly check your tires and fluid levels while touring. You should also get breakdown cover as it can help you to avoid massive towing fees and keep you moving so that you don’t miss gigs. A roadside emergency kit is essential too and should include things like a flashlight, a first aid kit, a power bank to charge phones, reflective road triangles, and booster cables. Hopefully, it’s something you won’t ever need to use but it can be lifesaving if you do.

Stay connected

Having a WiFi connection on the road is always a good idea. It helps you to stay in touch with friends and family back home, but you can also post regular updates on your social media and send out emails to fans to remind them of upcoming shows. You may be able to get a router for your van that gives you internet connection or you can hack your phone and tether to it. Shooting videos on your phone and uploading them to YouTube and social media can promote your music and your band, plus it will help to pass the time.

Remember that your ultimate goal of touring is to get your music out there, build your fanbase, and get your songs on the radio for everyone to hear. Have fun while you do it, but stay safe.