Aaron Ness

Weekday Mornings 6a-12p

Aaron Ness has been a Summit County resident since 2011 and made Breckenridge his permanent home after marrying the love of his life in 2013 – where they have two children both born in the county – so by default he can now claim to be a local. He was fortunate to grow up overseas for the first 15 years of his life overseas but his family hails from Minnesota, being another Midwest transplant that ended up in the beautiful rocky mountains.

His first radio gig was back in 1998 with KRJB radio in Ada, MN where no one came close to his Station Identification, and Weather Report announcements. His radio career was short lived as he decided he was better suited for the stage and started a rock band playing Bass Guitar.

After a hard reality check of knowing he would not be the next Les Claypool, Flea, or Tim Commoford he decided to take the next two decades of life and work in hospitality. Aaron is a die hard music geek, who loves music, arts, and wanted to get back into entertainment. When the position of Weekday Morning show host became available he jumped at the chance to work for KSMT.

He is looking forward to engaging the community with his knowledge of the area and the wonderful people who live and visit this beautiful area he calls home.

Johnny Brokaw

Weekday Afternoons 12p-6p

Johnny Brokaw is a radio revolutionary. Think about him as the Che Guevara of Radio, doing things a little differently than most with nothing being held sacred. He grew up in a small town in Ohio, but always knew Colorado was where he belonged. After enduring 23 years in the mugginess of the midwest, he moved to Boulder right after his college broadcasting bachelor’s degree was finished. He lived there for the summer before moving to Breckenridge, in a large part due to fate as it would seem. After living in Breck for a year, to his delight the dream job of Radio DJ at KSMT The Mountain came available, and he never looked back. Over the last 10 years Johnny has been spewing randomness to the locals, engaging them to think more and enjoy life to the fullest. He loves doing what he does, and the listeners seem to have a closeness with him when they see him on the streets or at one of the millions of fun KSMT events- as he is also the Promotions Director for KSMT, heading up all the parties and sponsorships and ski events and concerts that are a vital part of Summit County life. He loves live music, backpacking and beer.


Eggs Over Irie

Born Justin Barnett on June 21st 1975, I was introduced to reggae, in high school, at the age of 16 years old. After purchasing Bob Marley, Songs of Freedom, I was hooked for life. Upon moving to the high country of Colorado in 1999, I linked with DJ Weez who got me an interview with KSMT in September of 2000. I have been the proud host of Eggs over Irie ever since. It is my passion to find the deepest and best tracks to play every Sunday morning. Being in Summit has been an inspiration, and I am so grateful for each and every listener. Jah guide and protect!!


DC’s Hip Hop Show

DC giving some pointed advice to Doug E Fresh…

The Analist

Rhythm Lounge Host

I began my journey on the radio airwaves in 1997 at Mesa State College with 91.3 KMSA. Focused on underground hip-hop I became music director and eventually made my way to the community radio dial of 88.1 KAFM. Over the course of the next five years I managed and ran two very popular underground hip-hop shows in Grand Junction. Moving forward after graduating with a degree in marketing I positioned myself in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I now have the honors of hosting my own specialty show on the commercial FM station KSMT 102.1 & 102.7. Over the last seven years of broadcasting in Breckenridge I also have had the great pleasure of hosting a radio program on WHRI 5.875 short-wave radio not only in the United States but also in five counties on the radio Africa network. Radio is great and God is good.