Letter to the editor: Paper should look for a replacement for Morgan Liddick

There are so many letters complaining about Morgan Liddick, and I agree with those complaints. I have tried to read his column occasionally and find him to be a difficult read. He often tries to impress with big words instead of good points. He is not a very interesting writer. At the bottom of his column, it says he lives in Virginia, so why use him? Why not give the job to a Summit County resident?

It is fair to give various points of view, but I think he might guess if he ever reads others opinions that many Summit County readers don’t agree with him and don’t enjoy his column. He knows that he is controversial, so it seems he is not really trying to give a right wing point of view, but he is just trying to piss people off. Listen to readers and look for a better replacement. Please.

via:: Summit Daily