Next storm expected to drop at least a foot of snow on Summit County

After Summit County was hit with several feet of snow last weekend, the area is forecast to get at least another foot of snow from an upcoming storm Sunday to Tuesday.
Liz Copan / [email protected]

FRISCO — After last weekend’s pounding of Summit County with several feet of snow, another big storm is set to roll through the area. While not as big as last weekend, the storm should bring at least a foot of snow, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Kleyla.

Kleyla said there will be light snow Saturday and Sunday during the day, with 4-6 inches of accumulation, before things pick up.

“The most significant snow will be from late Sunday night through early Tuesday,” Kleyla said. “I would say on average at least a foot. I’m sure there will be some areas that will get more than that.”

Kleyla added that the western and northwestern facing slopes should do best in terms of snow accumulation and that favorable areas could see 18-24 inches of snow. In town, Kleyla predicted 8-12 inches of snow accumulation from Sunday night through Tuesday. 

While the National Weather Service predicts daytime highs will remain above freezing during the storm — with a high of 37 on Saturday, 40 on Sunday and 31 on Monday — wind chill will be a factor. Wind gusts of 25 mph are forecast through Sunday, and the wind chill value Friday is predicted to be as low as minus 2 degrees.

via:: Summit Daily