Holding Absence Have Dropped A Brand New Single And Video – Filmed In Stanley Kubrick’s House

This is ‘Perish’.

Holding Absence have dropped a brand new single and video from their upcoming debut album. 

‘Perish’ only marks the second track to be released from their self-titled album, but it’ll definitely have you excited for what’s coming. 

They’ve also released the official video for ‘Perish’, which was filmed on the Estate of Stanley Kubrick- famed filmmaker responsible for A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and more. 

Speaking of what the experience of filming on the Kubrick Estate was like, frontman Lucas Woodland shared “There was one time when we were all sitting there, chilling in a spare room, and then I turned my head to the right and there’s just two BAFTAs on the mantlepiece. Which I guess is just pretty standard.”

But the shoot wasn’t without drama. They accidentally met Stanley Kubrick’s wife after flooding one of the rooms with smoke and setting off all the fire alarms on the estate, sharing “We absolutely flooded a room with smoke, which at the time we didn’t realise would set off about 100 fire alarms in the Kubrick estate. And we actually met Mrs Kubrick- Stanley Kubrick’s wife, who was rudely awakened by us. But she was really lovely, and super interested in us because we were making a film, and obviously her husband was one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.”

With all that said, check out the brand new Holding Absence video for ‘Perish’ below:

And check out their story of filming ‘Perish’ below:

Holding Absence’s debut album ‘Holding Absence’ is set for release March 08 through Sharp Tone Records- you can get all the details on that here.

via:: Rock Sound News