Our Mates At Awesome Have Officially Opened Their US Operation

Our friends at Awesome Merch are truly on the way towards global domination.

Already trusted by a huge number of bands in the UK, total legends Awesome Merch have been manufacturing some of the best merch in the world since their formation in 2005. And after successfully crowdfunding for their US manufacturing facility, they’re open for business in North America as well!

Awesome Merch launched their US operation at SXSW by doing what they do best – supporting UK artists. Over the week of SXSW the Awesome Merch team produced over 62,000 pieces of print & merch for UK bands, brands, promoters, graphic artists, illustrators, record labels all visiting for SXSW festival in March as a promotion tool. Legends.

“SXSW is an incredible opportunity for the music, arts & tech communities in the UK to come to the US and show them what we are capable of,” shared Awesome Merch managing director James Lyall. “For us to be able to help these people is a real buzz, as well as hard launching and activating our brand in the US too. A lot of these customers have also been longtime customers of ours in the UK, so to be able to seamlessly help in the US market makes total sense for us and them”

These guys are the real deal, with over 70,000 clients and having produced over 65 million pieces of merch, you probably have a piece of their merch in your wardrobe without even realising it. We’re kind of a massive fan of what they do.

Check out what Awesome Merch do here.

via:: Rock Sound News