Watch The Wonder Years Cover Limp Bizkit, While Dressed As Limp Bizkit

You love to see it.

In the world of ambitious cross-over events, we thought we’d seen it all. That was until The Wonder Years came out swingin’ with this Limp Bizkit cover. 

In case you’ve missed the memo, The Wonder Years are currently out on their sort-of-annual Halloween Extravaganza – a special, short tour where they play two sets per night. The first set is a standard one for The Wonder Years, but then the second set they get into costume, and perform a covers set. Yes indeed.

Last year they did Queen. But this year? They’re doing Limp Bizkit. And if that doesn’t sound like the most fun thing ever, we don’t know what to tell you. 

Definitely check this out – this is The Wonder Years, with Soupy dressed up as Fred Durst, covering ‘Nookie’:

And because we have the perfect excuse, check out The Wonder Years covering Queen, while dressed as Queen:


via:: Rock Sound News