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Two years ago, Ruth B was a 19-year-old working at Marshalls in Edmonton, Canada, when she had an idea. Inspired by her love of fantasy novels, she wrote her first song, "Lost Boy," a spare, soulful piano ballad about loneliness, packed with Peter Pan references. She uploaded six seconds of the chorus to Vine, which she'd previously used to post clips of herself si

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Midway through the 21 minutes of this seven song EP, Vince Staples sits in a hotel room beset by Kurt Cobain dreams, looking at a loaded .44 and thinking about making Van Gogh patterns on the wall with his brains. Then housekeeping knocks on the door. "Tryin' to get my head straight," he raps with lazy breathlessness. "She tryin' to get the bed straight." Staples i

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Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd revealed that he recently underwent an emergency procedure after suffering a heart attack, but that he's already recuperated and ready to return to his kit. ''Yeah, I had a fucking heart attack, but I am good now, got a stent inside," Rudd

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London's Victoria and Albert Museum will honor the trailblazers of psychedelic rock with "The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains," an immersive exhibition set to run between May and October 2017. The show, which marks the 50th anniversary of the band's first single release, will feature a laser light

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Yet another reason to blame Robin Thicke – he single-handedly ruined the whole Song of the Summer mystique. After "Blurred Lines" stunk up the dog days of 2013 like a banana in the glove compartment, we had a couple of radio summers where nobody wanted to get stuck with the tainted association. The whole idea of a Song of the Summer was the last thing anyone wanted to hear,

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Robert Randolph and the Family Band announced it will release a new LP in early 2017. The album's first single is scheduled to arrive in October. Randolph and the Family Band have also promised to hit tour extensively in support of the new LP, due out in February.

For Randolph's new album

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My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall standout "Compound Fracture" has received an unexpected four-on-the-floor remix courtesy of disco king Giorgio Moroder, who radically transforms the track from an infectious toe-tapping rocker into a dance floor monster. Moroder's work especially shines on the song's anthemic chorus, where the producer pairs Jim James' peaking vocals... more

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